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Women Empowerment

We believe that women can contribute so much more to the Entrepreneurship, Startup and Innovation community. Come see what our partners and us have been doing to support them!

Women Empowerment: Services & Programs

WEBINAR: Dare to Start - Addressing Gender Gaps in Entrepreneurship in Asia

5 July 2022

This webinar aimed to bring together expertise and knowledge regarding the region, data, policy, education, and gender issues, and to identify ways to address potential structural and emerging challenges that may be impeding women entrepreneurship.


WEBINAR: ERIA-ADB SEADS 2022: Women Leaders Driving Sustainable Transformation in ASEAN

16 March 2022

ERIA co-organized a session on Women Driving Sustainable Transformation in ASEAN, with the aim to discuss challenges, opportunities, and new approaches to forward-looking strategies on sustainability in the region.

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OPINION: The Fourth Industrial Revolution Needs more Women and Girls to Drive an Inclusive Post-Pandemic Recovery

30 November 2021

By Dr Giulia Ajmone Marsan, Strategy and Partnership Director, ERIA, and  Mr Ravindra Ngo, CEO and Founder, the Asian Network


VIDEO: Women and
the Digital Economy

3 March 2021

ERIA marked the International Women’s Day by releasing a video on access and participation of women in the digital economy across ASEAN, based on findings from recent ERIA publications.

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WEBINAR: UNTCAD eCommerce Week - Global Dialogue on Women and Digital Entrepreneurship

28 April 2022

This peer learning dialogue will gather different stakeholders who are taking concrete actions to address the gender digital divide and contribute to sustainable development.


WEBINAR: Women Entrepreneurs - 
Focusing on the Grassroots

27 January 2022

The final episode of ERIA-CIIE.CO Roundtable Talk, Building Entrepreneurship Ecosystem: Insight from ASEAN and India attracted more than 160 participants across the Asia-Pacific region.


OPINION: Real Acess is Key to Women's Participation in the Digital Economy

8 March 2021

By Dr Giulia Ajmone Marsan, Strategy and Partnership Director, and  Dr Araba Sey, Senior Research Scientist at the University of Washington Information School and Principal Researcher with Research ICT Africa


OPINION: Post-Pandemic ASEAN must Bridge the Digital Gender Divide

13 May 2020

By Giulia Ajmone Marsan, ERIA's Strategy and Partnership Director and Ms Lydia Ruddy, ERIA's Director of Communications

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