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Disability Inclusion

We want to partner with like-minded organisations and enterprises to promote disability inclusion for this generation and beyond. 

See what we have done and join us in our efforts!

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Disability Inclusion: Services & Programs

Disability Discussion Focuses on Fostering Innovation, Awareness, Social Impact in ASEAN

4 April 2023

First SEA Hub of Inclusion Research Launched in Bangkok

2 March 2023

Disseminating good practices, raising awareness, and fostering partnerships amongst key stakeholders in the sector comprising persons with disabilities were the focus of a hybrid event organised by ERIA in partnership with Impact46 and Sasin School of Management.


The workshop on "Disability: Fostering Innovation, Awareness, and Social Impact in the ASEAN Region" saw multi-stakeholders' participation from the public and private sectors.

The Neurodiversity at Work Research Centre (NWRC), the first Southeast Asia hub of inclusion research, was officially launched to connect workers with disabilities to meaningful employment. The centre was formed by Steps Social Enterprise and the Sasin Business School of Management in Thailand, in partnership with ERIA. 

NWRC and ERIA will jointly conduct evidence-based research, whose outputs will help develop corporate inclusion tools, training, and consultancy services for businesses that wish to begin or improve their diversity, equity, and inclusion journeys.


Discussion on Technology, Disability: Trends, Opportunities in the Digital Economy in ASEAN

9 February 2023

A dissemination event was held on 9 February 2023 for the recent study on Technology and Disability: Trends and Opportunities in the Digital Economy in ASEAN.


Conducted by ERIA in partnership with Impact46, the dissemination event discussed the role of technology in education and overall technology in improving the lives of people with disabilities. 


Inclusive Education in ASEAN: Fostering Belonging for Students with Disabilities

21 July 2022

Inclusive education systems and ecosystem should be a key focus of education policies in ASEAN Member States and East Asian countries, where students, including those with different physical and intellectual abilities, can avail themselves of opportunities to acquire the tools to flourish

ERIA released a study, Inclusive Education in ASEAN: Fostering Belonging for Students with Disabilities, during this webinar event which was supported by the Australian government.


Social Enterprises and Inclusive Societies for Persons with Disabilities | E-S-I Special Episode

8 December 2021

The special episode of ERIA’s Entrepreneurship, Start-Up, and Innovation (E-S-I) webinar series with the theme "Social Enterprises and Disability: Fostering Innovation, Awareness, and Social Impact in the ASEAN Region" was held on 8 December 2021.


This dissemination event shared key findings from the recently published ERIA’s report and policy brief on Social Enterprises and Disability: Fostering Innovation, Awareness, and Social Impact in the ASEAN region

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