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Thank you for visiting the E-S-I Knowledge Lab, an initiative of the

Economic Research Institute for ASEAN and East Asia (ERIA)

We aspire to grow the Entrepreneurship, Startup and Innovation (E-S-I) community in our unique way, so join us in this evolving journey of growth and empowerment!

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Latest Reports and Publications


26 April 2023

ASEAN is studying the possibility of signing the Digital Economy Framework Agreement (DEFA) by identifying key elements to be captured within the framework. This policy brief explores and provides recommendations on how to determine the key elements that could be incorporated.


Upcoming Events

The upcoming webinar will be a deep-dive into the relationship between financial inclusion and the cloud.


It will explore the various financial services use-cases that are helping consumers in the Asia Pacific region to achieve financial inclusion – whether it is in terms of access to finance for underbanked communities or innovative fintech solutions to facilitate payments or fully digital banks. 

Recent Events


Startup20X Explores Innovation, Collaboration for a Sustainable Food System

19 May 2023

(ERIA) and SELCO Foundation co-organised Startup20X under the Sustainability and Inclusion Task Force. Speakers spoke about the challenges and opportunities in the global transition towards a sustainable food system.


Leaders Programme

8 June 2023

ERIA’s Strategy and Partnership Division welcomed a delegation of 25 delegates from ASEAN countries on 8 June 2023, as part of the ASEAN Leaders Programme 2023 organized by Common Purpose Organization. Common Purpose is a global leadership organization established in 1989, with offices in Europe and Asia, dedicated to fostering boundary-crossing leadership.


Disability: Fostering Innovation, Awareness and Social Impact in the ASEAN Region

4 April 2023

ERIA in partnership with Impact46 and Sasin School of Management held this hybrid event in Bangkok to disseminate good practices, raise raise awareness, and foster partnerships among key stakeholders in this sector.


Global Experts Gather to Address Impacts, Regulation of Digital Transformation, Ethical AI

15 May 2023

International experts gathered in a webinar, organised by Access Partnerships, to discuss the far-reaching effects of digital transformation and artificial intelligence (AI) development on economies and societies worldwide. 

Asian Network Greener Future Event.jpg

Innovating for a Greener
Future in Asia

22 March 2023

ERIA in partnership with The Asian Network organised this webinar, bringing tog 16 Leaders from Asia (Malaysia, Indonesia, India, Mongolia, New Zealand, Australia, Singapore, Thailand & Japan) to share their expertise in the Future of Environment, Climate Action and Technology for Social Good.

ADB SEADS 2023.jpg

Jobs of the Future: Building Diversity into the Net Zero Transition |

30 March 2023

This panel discussion deliberated on the opportunities and challenges in a net-zero Asia, as workers transition from fossil fuel industries to renewable energy.

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