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Latest Reports

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Building Prolific Entrepreneurship Ecosystems: Shared Lessons from
India and ASEAN

13 April 2022

This report is part of a study that CIIE.CO and ERIA are conducting to open collaboration and peer learning between India and ASEAN, to share knowledge and tools relevant to entrepreneurship ecosystems in South and Southeast Asia.

It dives into the health technology (healthtech) ecosystem in India and ASEAN and presents a comparative explanation of some of the major policies. This report is based on the joint roundtable held by CIIE.CO and ERIA on ‘Technology and Distribution Innovations in Healthtech’, as well as previous research by both organisations on healthtech in the respective country and/or region.

Past Events

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Global Dialogue on Women and Digital Entrepreneurship Featured in UNCTAD’s eCommerce Week

28 April 2022

This peer learning dialogue will gather different stakeholders who are taking concrete actions to address the gender digital divide and contribute to sustainable development.

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ASEAN Economic Outlook: Pushing Growth, Regional Cooperation for a Stronger Pandemic Recovery

28 April 2022

An engaging webinar where the prospects for growth in Southeast Asia, and the importance of trade and financial integration was discussed. 


ERIA-ADB SEADS 2022: Women Leaders Driving Sustainable Transformation in ASEAN

16 March 2022

As part of the annual ADB Southeast Asia Development Symposium (SEADS), on 16 March 2022, ERIA co-organized a session on Women Driving Sustainable Transformation in ASEAN, with the aim to discuss challenges, opportunities, and new approaches to forward-looking strategies on sustainability in the region.

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Women Entrepreneurs: Focusing on the Grassroots

27 January 2022

The final webinar of the ERIA-CIIE.CO Roundtable Talk, Building Entrepreneurship Ecosystem: Insight from ASEAN and India attracted more than 160 participants as they heard from 4 distinguished speakers from ASEAN and India.